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Why You Shouldn’t Overlook PDFs As A Conversion Tool

Conversion is crucial and often the main purpose of most business websites. The goal of conversion is to get visitors to take some type of action or engage to show interest in a company and its offerings. Conversion may be focused on simply leading a website visitor to become a prospective customer by submitting their contact information or encouraging them to make a purchase as efficiently as possible.

As conversion takes on many forms, so follows the types of methods and tools meant to foster it. One often overlooked but effective method is to offer PDF files as conversion incentives. This can be an effective addition to just about any website that seeks to gain visitor engagement for sales, branding, and marketing purposes.

Benefits Of Using A PDF

A PDF, or portable document format, is a type of file that can be opened and viewed on just about any device. These files are easily downloadable by anyone and can be used as a way to get customers to sign up for an email list, complete a survey, or submit information that will ultimately be useful for sales and marketing.

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