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List of 50 Excellent Comparative Essay Topics

A comparative essay is an interesting type of essay and students like to write it. In a comparative essay, you compare two or more things in terms of their similarities and differences.  However, like all other essays, you need a great topic for writing a successful essay. Some students ask their seniors to write my essay for me and get their essay assignments done from essay writer.  We also collected some great comparative essay topics for your ease. Pick the best one for your essay.

Comparative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Living in the big city or living in the country: What would you choose?
  2. Samsung vs. Apple: Which is the better brand?
  3. Online vs. Traditional Education
  4. Concepts of beauty today vs. concepts of beauty in the Victorian era
  5. Compare and contrast between adulthood and childhood.
  6. Should parents be responsible for their children’s crimes?
  7. Homeschooling and attending a public school
  8. Resemblances between Central American Mayans and Mexican Mayans.
  9. Difference and similarities between a traditional versus a smartphone.
  10. The political approaches of Gandhi and Jinnah

Comparative Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. American vs. Chinese concepts of beauty.
  2. Economic upliftment vs. better standard of living
  3.  What are the advantages/disadvantages of traveling alone or with parents?
  4. Sports or diets: what is more effective for weight loss?
  5. Compare two plays written by Shakespeare.
  6. Religion or common things of Orthodox and Catholic churches
  7. Watching horror films on TV vs. on the large cinema screen.
  8. Using A Polytunnel Vs. Utilizing A Greenhouse In Farming
  9. Working in college vs. freelancing in college.
  10. Chocolate vs. Ice-cream

Comparative Essay Topics for Middle School Students

  1. Compare and contrast day schools and boarding schools.
  2. How should treatment be done – with pills or with surgery
  3. Compare and contrast Mexico and the United States essay.
  4. Is Harry Potter the best magical fantasy book ever written?
  5. Vampires vs. Werewolves
  6. Genetic testing for diseases vs. traditional diagnostic methods
  7. American Government Vs. the Soviet Government
  8. Friends or enemies: who can be more dangerous?
  9. Christopher Columbus and the first astronauts
  10. Differences between the inventions of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.

Comparative Essay Topics 2021

  1. The Bundesliga Vs. The Spanish Premier League
  2. Visiting the library or studying in the room: what is more productive?
  3.  Contrasting a couple of the most known Russian emperors
  4.  Two personalities who contributed to the history of England.
  5.  Sachin Tendulkar Vs. Ricky Ponting
  6. Core differences in the policies of a few modern presidents.
  7. Learning French Is More Straightforward To Learning Chinese
  8. Forrest Gump or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
  9. B. F. Skinner theory Vs. John B. Watson theory
  10. Coffee and Tea: The Effects of Both

Good Comparative Essay Topics 

  1. Modern dancing and classical or ballroom dancing.
  2. Physical & Mental Needs of Human Beings
  3.  Should vaccinations be made mandatory?
  4. Differences in lifestyles of the elderly or young people.
  5. How does child abuse affect the parent-child relationship?
  6. The protagonist of modern pop music culture and that of the 1960s.
  7. Similarities and differences between photography and filmmaking.
  8. Traditional methods or modern scientific methods
  9. Greek and Roman Culture: Differences and Similarities
  10.  In-person job interview vs. phone interview

Tips for Choosing the Comparative Essay Topic

Here are some tips that you should follow and pick the best essay topic. 

  • The topic should be unique.
  • The topic should be relevant to your area of interest.
  • The topic should be according to the audience’s level of knowledge. 

However, if you still think about essay writing service, simply hire professional essay writers. 


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