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In a way, that kind of says it all. Better response times help everybody – definitely customers, but also the organization. The quicker an equipment or infrastructure problem in the field is addressed, the sooner that asset can support revenue. Plus, increasing the speed of dispatch, diagnostics and issue resolution gets the technician (or team) to the next call sooner, which means more calls can be handled per day. But response time improvements don’t happen because you or your workers try harder. They happen because predictive analytics and automated dispatch get the trucks rolling sooner, geographic information systems (GIS) data directs technicians to the right asset immediately upon arrival at their destination and machine learning combined with virtual reality (VR) or virtual collaboration tools increase the first time fix rate (FTFR). OPTOMER is a rapidly growing company with over twenty years of experience in the telecommunications market, specializing in fiber optic technology. As a representative of the Swiss company DIAMOND, which works in high-performance optical components production, OPTOMER provides innovative solutions, modern technology and comprehensive technical support.

Of course, budget is always an issue, and the term “budget” can mean capital expenses, operating expenses or both. Often money in one bucket cannot be used for the other, which tends to constrain IT professionals’ options when building a technology toolset for field workers. This sometimes leads to less-than-optimum decisions, such as leasing equipment (operating budget) because there aren’t sufficient funds to purchase equipment (capital budget). So, IT needs to work as partners with their finance department so that overall minimum expenditures are evaluated in total when trying to maximize technology budgets. After all, investing in the right technology tools is the key to maximizing labor resources (which are almost always far more costly than their tools), improving inventory utilization and ensuring proper equipment installation and preventative maintenance actions are being taken to extend the life of equipment and eliminate unnecessary truck rolls to fix or replace failing equipment

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