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undertaking Digital Transformation

Business leaders have already initiated Digital Transformation (DX), but out of which only 30% of DX efforts succeed. Companies

spend thousands of dollars on Digital Transformation but the success rate is very minimal.

This alarming situation needs to be addressed and it needs an innovative solution. The first step to being successful with digital

initiatives is measuring its progress with effective metrics. Organizations undertaking Digital Transformation must have scalable initiatives that are capable of improving business performance.

Measuring exactly how your digital assets are used by your employees helps you understand whether your new tools are effective or

not. Ensuring this helps you move forward in DX efforts.

According to Gartner, almost half of all organizations have no metric to measure Digital Transformation. Let us understand some key

metrics that can help Enterprises achieve their DX goals. Successful Digital Transformation requires sustainable technology adoption. One of the best KPIs to measure is the active usage of

your digital assets. It can be done by comparing the number of licenses purchased to the number of users who are actually using the


Also, metrics like daily active users, conversion rates, and abandon rates can help you get an overall view of the software

adoption rate. For example, if your findings indicate that more than 85% of users are utilizing the software, you can assume that software

adoption is successful. If the number of active users is less than 50%, poor technology adoption is an obvious barrier.

More info: rf engineer

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