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Become an independent fiber optic technician

Passionate about new technologies? A particular sense of rigor and adaptation? The optical fiber is its large deployment throughout the country! Add your stone to the building by participating! Now is the time to become an independent fiber optic technician!

The profession in a few words: Average salary : € 11.43 / hour. (May vary depending on your region and customer) Sector of activity categorized under the APE code: 4321B “Electrical installation work on public roads” with INSEE. Social contributions : 22% without ACRE; 11% with ACRE The Business Formalities Center: Chamber of Trades and Crafts. Social system : “simplified micro social” of the Social Security of the Independents, attached to the general system. The annual turnover ceiling to remain under the micro-enterprise regime is € 72,600. The VAT ceiling for the provision of commercial services is set at: € 34,400. Is it for me? You are required to be meticulous and rigorous to meet customer demand while maintaining the aesthetics of the place where you operate. You must be comfortable with recurring trips and be astute in order to best meet expectations. A real challenge awaits you. If routine is not for you, then look no further, this job is for you.

Presentation of the profession of independent fiber optic technician First of all, your role will be to install and troubleshoot very high speed network lines. You will be required to work on different types of missions: aerial, underground, on the ground or directly at private homes.

Your mission may be to pull the cables to connect them to a private individual or you will be directly responsible for installing the terminals on installation sites.

You will therefore be responsible for installing the equipment, but you may also be required to carry out connection tests, the quality of the network, the connection to the equipment; and provide help with getting started.

Much of your mission will also be to troubleshoot broadband networks. You must therefore have an impeccable mastery of techniques and equipment in order to identify the problem and find a solution as soon as possible to satisfy your customers.

You will also have to carry out a location identification in order to prevent certain complications that may arise: bad weather, risk areas, rural or urban area, building or pavilion, access to the technical room ... This in order to plan the necessary measures before starting. 'intervene.

Being on the move will be part of your daily life. One of the advantages of this profession is that no matter where you are you will be able to find missions. It is therefore important that you maintain your equipment and your travel tool.

One of the important aspects of this job is to take care of the place where you intervene: you can intervene in a public space, but also directly with individuals or professionals. It is therefore important to ensure the integrity of the place. It will also be necessary to ensure the aesthetics of the accommodation during an intervention with a private individual or a professional.

You must necessarily respect the security measures . It is for this reason that locating places is important to avoid an accident. You must ensure your safety and that of those around you.

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