Authored by raviteja

Nurture a culture

Companies and HR need to focus and invest in competency-based hiring. There must be a unique competency framework aligned with business objectives for hiring a contingent workforce. In addition, the training model needs to be revamped. Organizations must identify and map the skill gaps in your gig workforce to design an effective training program.

There should be some level of engagement with gig workers. As a matter of fact, the chances of giggers leaving are much higher unless they are appropriately engaged. Make them understand where and how your business derives its revenue.

It’s also important that organizations invest in an active LMS that could communicate your objectives clearly, for gig workers are more often remote, transient, and busy. The training should include leaders communicating mission and values concisely. Talking about the training and development interventions, be mindful of some pointers. The training needs to be delivered in a smaller section and that too, frequently. More Info: lan vs wan

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