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Key metrics for monitoring

A common mistake that companies with little experience in AWS monitoring make is trying to track as many metrics as possible, creating an overly complex system that is hard to maintain. ScienceSoft’s team of cloud support experts starts implementing monitoring by identifying the resources and events that affect the performance of your cloud applications. Our approach has a lot in common with Google’s “golden signals” and we recommend the following key metrics for monitoring:

Latency: the time it takes to respond to a user request. Traffic: the number of user requests over a unit of time (usually per second). Errors: the number of requests that fail Saturation: measurement of how efficiently your resources are consumed. Our team uses these key metrics as a basis and adds new indicators as we build up the system. The key here is to focus on tracking issues that actually affect your cloud applications’ performance and avoid collecting redundant metrics. More Info: checkpoint network

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  • Thanks for the informative article. It will be useful to everyone involved in cloud services in IT companies. Since I also work with them, I want to add from my experience about Amazon CloudWatch it is a monitoring service for AWS cloud resources and applications running on AWS. You can use Amazon CloudWatch to collect and track metrics, accumulate and analyze logs, and generate alerts. Amazon CloudWatch can monitor AWS resources (such as Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon DynamoDB tables, Amazon RDS DB instances), custom application and service metrics, and any application logs. Amazon CloudWatch can be used to get a summary of your system, including resource usage, application performance, and overall system health. This data is used to respond quickly and ensure stable application performance. More practical information on monitoring can be found in the training videos on YouTube, in which experienced specialists tell and show their methods. I managed to find more than a hundred videos on this topic there, and I noticed that in most cases such videos had almost 58 thousand views! I am sure this is because their authors have resorted to using the services of to acquire views.

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